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Yohei Nakajima


Yohei Nakajima is a violist, studied the viola under Rivka Golani, and prior to that, the violin under Mayumi Fujikawa at Trinity College of Music in London.

He is supported by several awards and scholarships, and regularly performs professionally at recitals and chamber music across the UK and Japan, and has also been invited to play in a number of international Festivals in the UK, Spain, Japan, USA, Israel, including Airas Nunes Aula de Camara in Santiago de compostela (2018), the Tarragona Music Festival (July, 2016), International Bartók Seminar and Festival (2013 and 2015) in Szombathely, Hungary and string quartet tour in Baltic countries with Orfeus String Quartet in 2019. Recent projects include solo recitals of various repertoire for solo violas, complete Bach Cello Suites, recitals of multiple violas (two- four violas quartet) and concert projects with internationally renowned pianist Alberto Portugheis.

Passionate about exploring new possibilities for the viola, Yohei has created and performed his own transcripts of arrangements such as solo viola repertoires. He also continues to collaborate on various projects with Rivka Golani. (Most recent projects with Ms Rivka Golani includes First Nations Project, Colab Projects at TrinityLaban in 2020/21).

Future projects including recodring CDs on rare viola sonatas by Weinberg, Pamela Harrison and Charles Koechlin, and solo viola transcriptions by Biber, Reger, Ernst, and Kodaly/Bach.



Yohei teaches both the violin and viola to students of all ages over 20 years. He takes a structured approach to teaching, and encourages students to have confidence in performing the instrument. His unique approach has helped numerous students successfully complete Grade 8 (ABRSM / Trinity / Guildhall) within 3 years, and a number of his students have also gone on to secure music scholarships at schools/colleges across the UK.


Yohei holds a BA(Music), BMUS, FTCL (viola), LTCL (violin), and has also won several awards, including: - Winner, Barbirolli String Quartet prize (2011) - First Prize, Cavatina Chamber Music Competition (2009)

He is a member of the String Committee of the Blackheath Music Festival.

Yohei plays rare Hungarian viola by Otto Erdesz “cutaway model”.


現在イギリス、ロンドン在住。 トリニティ音楽院卒- 藤川真弓、リフカ ゴラーニに師事。 ヴィオラでカバティーナ室内楽コンサート、バルビローリ弦楽四重奏コンクール優勝。 2009年に弦楽三重奏エルデシュトリオ結成、 ヴィオラ四重奏 (riviola quartet) を2012年に結成し 20、21世紀のレパートリーをイギリス、スペイン、ハンガリーで初演、演奏する。 2014年トリニティカレッジフェローシップディプロマを取得。 ロンドンクリスチャンスクール、ストリングノート、ロンドン各地でバイオリン/ヴィオラ講師。  使用楽器はOtto Erdesz (ヴィオラ、カットアウェイ モデル)

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